Monday, December 19, 2016

Dear Electors

Dear Electors,

Today you decide who wins the White House. Who will you choose to be our president. Before you put that name down and send it to its final resting place, here me out. I am not a Democrat nor a Republican. I am not Green, Independent, Libertarian, or Wig. I am unaffiliated me who believes a candidate regardless of party who is worthy to lead our country is the one I vote for. Three elections have come and gone during my voting years and yes, I have voted Democrat each time. Obama was the best candidate but Hillary was mainly to stop Trump. She might have been the best candidate but at the time it did not matter. This election was not about my candidate winning but about Donald Trump losing. I do not hate the man. I do not think he is evil. Hate groups such as the KKK are going to support one candidate or another. I would rather it not be the same candidate I like (it rarely is) but it could happen. His guest appearance in the WWE during my childhood is one of the best parts of him and I like that he does not speak like a politician. Yet other than that, he is a spoiled brat who needs several 70 minute time-out sessions and perhaps a good whoopin’ on the backside. My point is he is not fit to be president and the cabinet he has chosen is dangerous.

I am not going through all of his picks. I will simply name a few. Their involvement in their respective positions should be enough to prove my point. Many of his picks come out of top positions in corporations and go against the government positions they will acquire. One of them is CKE executive Andrew Puzder. Trump selected him for Secretary of Labor, a position designed to protect employed citizens yet he is against raising the minimum wage in any way and wants the government to have no say in business practices. Rex Tillerson will be Secretary of State, Hillary's old position and the person who advises the president on foreign affairs. He is an oil tycoon with strong ties to Russia. Most likely, foreign affairs will benefit Russia and focus on where the country can drill oil. Trump appointed Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist. This title is vague but Bannon is a proud racist and anti-Semite. His remarks are not closeted nor are they just a part of his past. His anti-diversity beliefs are ones he will carry into the White House. Every cabinet position needs to be prepared to make decisions for the good of everyone despite their personal beliefs. You know Bannon will not do this and with our ties with Israel, this is a threat to national security.

Choosing someone else than who won the electoral college vote is not illegal nor immoral. Do not think that it is. Your decision is what matters. You decide who is the best candidate or who should not have the opportunity to lead our country. I wish you luck in making your decision and possibly saving our country from war, environmental destruction, poverty, and allowing us to enjoy America’s golden age a few more years.